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Meet the Glyph Interface.

Meet the Glyph Interface.

Remember when tech used to be fun? The excitement of taking home a new gadget. Unwrapping it with wonder. Turning it on. Every interaction, a new surprise.

But somewhere along the line, tech went cold. Products became numbers. And specs.

The Glyph Interface brings it all back. That warmth. That sense of joy. And discovery.

It’s functionality, made fun again.

Lights are synced to flash in unique patterns to every custom sound. Letting you know who’s calling, notifications, charging status and more. Without checking your screen all day.

Pair individual contacts to ringtones, each with a Glyph pattern. So you never miss the most important calls.

For deeper focus, flip phone (1) with the Glyph Interface facing up to trigger silent mode with lights-only notifications.

And when it’s time to rest, set a daily schedule for the Glyphs to automatically turn off.

This is just the beginning of what the Glyph Interface can do. More features and customisation to come, made together with the Nothing community. Watch here for a demo.

So stay tuned. phone (1) is nearly here.

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The Nothing Team.